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Baptism Service

Sunday 15th September 2019


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Weekly News Letter

A weekly church news letter produced by Pastor
Andy Lloyd-Williams and Community Worker Mark Palmer.

Its purpose is to encourage you with a short thought and inform your prayers and your diary.

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New Junior Church Mission Statement

Brixworth Community Church Junior church will provide a reliable and safe environment where children will:


  • Know they are loved by God and His wider church

  • Discover more about the Christian faith through scripture focused learning

  • Grow together in a fun session that is welcoming to all

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Brixworth Community Church BBQ

29th August 2019

held in a church members garden


Soccer and Netball April 2019.

What a great week we had at the Soccer and Netball school. This year we had sunshine! The Sportsreach team met as always at the community centre where they had food at the Olive Branch and then gave a quick briefing while
handing out, team shirts and track suits.

The theme this year was Mission POSSIBLE! Working from the Bible verse found in Luke’s gospel Jesus replied, "What is impossible with man is possible with God".  The plan was to see how GOD made what was impossible for man, possible! This brought some great discussions.

The Netball school enabled the children to have more fun as they learned new skills and techniques.

In the football the older teams had young people join in who clearly had some great skills and a love of football. Then in the juniors we had various skill levels. They all went home learning something new.They were very sad when it all came to an end.

On Saturday All the parents/carers were invited along to watch their children play in the Cup matches and then enjoy a free BBQ for all. There was a chance to get involved and play in a coaches vs parents/carers match!

We thank God for this great community that we live in.
Brixworth Community Church.

Seniors enjoy Christmas

Cutting from Brixworth Bulletin Issue 60 March 2019

Soccer Netball Bulletin article
County award
Lincoln Noel

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